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  • Posted By: Jared Khoo, 21 April, 2016

    Very fast delivery, I especially like how your VPS delivery is almost instantaneous on payment.

  • Posted By: Igor, 31 March, 2016

    I use VPS here and i can say that there was 100 % uptime so far !

  • Posted By: daveboi, 03 February, 2016

    Nexaly are a great company, they provide high quality service and their support are amazing. One of the best hosts around.

  • Posted By: 6god, 03 February, 2016

    Hosting is rock solid!
    Stable, fast and priced affordable, I could not ask more of Nexaly.

  • Posted By: Deepak Jain, 01 February, 2016

    The Server hadn't had a downtime or an issue of any kind.
    Rating: 5/5.
    Support is awesome!

  • Posted By: Ash Ketch, 28 January, 2016

    Quality is high, fast and reliable. Tickets are resolved fast and the looks is awesome. What do you want more?

  • Posted By: Junx, 27 January, 2016

    Great host they offer a wide range of operating systems, they use SSD drives and have DDoS protection!

  • Posted By: Ownerx, 27 January, 2016

    Very stable & high quality servers with an excellent CPanel. Support is also very good.

  • Posted By: Atomsai, 27 January, 2016

    Looks like I found a new host!

  • Posted By: Thomas, 20 December, 2015

    Excellent hardware and awesome support staff! Highly recommend Nexaly Host

  • Posted By: James, 20 December, 2015

    I get a decent amount of traffic on my blog, Nexaly keeps up with the demands of a site that thousands of users are playing videos daily on

  • Posted By: Kate, 20 December, 2015

    Been using Nexaly for a while very happy with the hosting, no issues so far!

  • Posted By: Jacob, 20 December, 2015

    Easy to use software, helpful support agents! Can't complain. Keep it up Nexaly

  • Posted By: Logan, 20 December, 2015

    I couldn't figure out how to upload my files, I'm a designer not a coder! Nexaly actually took it on themsevles to help me out! Above and beyond what I was expecting

  • Posted By: Billy, 20 December, 2015

    I use Nexaly for a lot of my sites and business, easy to use and very accomodating to someone who may need extra services


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18 December 2015
+1 (347) 474-1075
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Cloud hosting provider powering developers, designers and entire corporations. High class infrastructure promising unmatched quality and performance.
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