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  • Posted By: Michael Murfield, 22 March, 2016

    What a brilliant product the ontxbox is. I was a "loyal" customer of sky for many years and i left because of the rising prices for just the basic package. I was paying around 30 a mth for not a lot really. After their customer service decided not to offer me a better deal i went to nowtv which was a cheaper alternative to watch the programs i really like Game of Thrones etc. But i saw Onyx and gave it a try. To say im happy is an understatment the initial outlay spent on the box is soon outweighed by the £80 per annum saving from nowtv. Plus all latest series from america weeks before uk and some of the latest films

  • Posted By: Matt Ellis, 10 March, 2016

    A lot of my friends have certain different TV boxes and all of them say how much better mine is. I understand there are people out there that know how to use Kodi and are happy to get a cheaper box and set it themselves. I have a friend thats forever playing with his set up and telling me I could have done the same but fact is i dont want to be forever playing around, I just wanted something that works when i switch it on

  • Posted By: tony stuart, 19 February, 2016

    I was a bit skeptical at first with this, i suppose i didnt really believe what was advertised was going to be what arrived. I had bought a tv box from ebay and it was awful, worked for about a week then all the streams stopped working and when i asked the guy for help i basically got told tough tits and pointed my to youtube to research how to fix it myself!!

    Can honestly say this has been the best purchase i've made in a long time, everything they say it does, it does it! always updates, streams never fail, you can stream to any tv and it cheaper than a lot out there. If i had one grumble it would be that i paid £94 for it and the following week it was down to £70 something but i suppose that happens


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